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Understanding Exposure Compensation
Once you can visually understand tone... you're on your way to better exposure. Compensations can be controlled by the aperture, the shutter-speed or the compensation dial.

The Use Of A Laser Pointer To Focus
The laser pointer is a way to help a camera focus on a subject when the ambient light is too dim for the camera to do it on its own.

Pre-Visualizing Exposure With A Digital Camera
Digital Finders show not only the content of the proposed photograph, but also the exposure. Learn how to set the correct exposure.

What Is On-The-Go Photography?
OTG Photography is for the person who wants to balance photography with the in-the-moment nature experience.

Travel Light & Travel Simply
The limitations of OTG Photography are just in your mind.

Is On-The-Go Photography For You?
On-The-Go Photography is an art form that has to be learned and practiced.

Dropping Your Camera
Sometimes the best option is just to drop your camera.

Landscape Photography
10 helpful hints and tips on landscape photography.

Infrared Photography
Learn the basics of infrared photography.

Astrophotography Basics
Learn the basics of Astrophotography and see the results.

Infrared Photography Techniques
Learn infrared photography techniques.

Keep Shooting And Learning
Learn about camera techniques from the olden days.

Macro Flower Photography
The variety of plant life is infinite, from the waxy blooms of the water lily to the delicacy of the fuchsia.

Where Is Your Camera's Soul?
I prefer to think that the soul of the camera is imbued into images via the interaction of the photographer and his/her equipment.

How To Use Light & Shade With Flower Photography
If, like me, you enjoy close up photography, you will appreciate that light and shade play a significant role in the overall look of your images.

You Are Never Done Photographing The Same Subject
This is just a reminder to everyone that no matter how many pictures you take of a subject you are never done. Every image of anything but a static studio shot will be a little different from the last one.

Are You Satisfied With Your Photography?
Are we satisfied with where we are with our photographic endeavors? Do we feel that we have reached our pinnacle of success?

10 Really Good Landscape Photography Tips
Are you satisfied with your landscape photographs? Here a 10 really good lanscape photography tips.

Bicycle Photography
Bicycles are a great way to get around quietly and quickly in an urban area.

Photography Rules
10 rules for better photography.

Baseball Photography Tips
Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to taking home run baseball photographs in no time.

Nighttime Photography Tips
Night photos can take on a somewhat magical quality you may find lacking in normal daytime photography.

A Rookie Pro's Wish List
As a rookie professional nature photographer who throws away 99% of the images, there are a lot of things I wish for.

How To Photograph From A Car
Taking the car for a ride is actually an excellent approach to nature photography for the lazy photographer.

An Artist's Responsibility
There can be no doubt that artists, including photographers, bear great responsibility.

How To Find And Photograph Rare Species
One thing that always intrigues newcomers to nature photography is why some people find rare plants and animals again and again.

How To Photograph The Damselfly
I would heartily encourage anyone to grab the camera and the rubber boots and get out there to photograph the Damselfly.

How To Photograph the Aurora Borealis
How to photograph nature's greatest show - the Aurora Borealis, or 'Northern Lights'

Shooting Macro Is Challenging And Enjoyable
Shooting macro is a challenging and enjoyable aspect of digital photography.

Spring Photography in the Smoky Mountains Part I
The most Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a photographer's playground in the Spring.

Spring Photography in the Smoky Mountains Part II
No matter how much time you allow yourself to explore the Smokies, it never seems like enough.

Roadside Photography
Roadside photography is a fun activity while driving on a long trip.

Exiting The Creative Rut
One alternative is to study an area for awhile in order to become familiar with the environment and its affect on the subject.

Lighting Styles And Posing Tips
There are many lighting styles and posing types to consider when creating a portrait photograph.

Slow Down And Smell The Roses
I don't know about you but I tend to get single-minded and narrow focused when I am planning a photo shoot.

Medium Format - The In-Between Platform
The Medium Format & Large Format photographic equipment can be somewhat of an extreme transition for all of us who started out with the very basic point and shoots.

Get Close To Close Ups In Nature
However, sometimes with such a grand vista it is difficult to fully appreciate its beauty simply because there is nowhere for the eye to settle

The Autumn Leaves Of Red And Gold
When one thinks of showy fall foliage, the East Coast and its classically colorful landscapes often come to mind.

Candid Portraiture Lighting Made Easy
Photographs taken with a single on-camera flash look dull, boring, and flat. Ever wondered why this is?

Armchair Photography
Sometimes one can't get outdoors but still want to take pictures of animals and birds.

Photography Preparation
Although there will always be ones that got away, there are things that a photographer can do to minimize lost opportunities.

Portrait Photography
It is not easy to take good portraits: those that capture the soul of the person sitting in front of the camera.

It's Not About The Camera
The secret to obtaining award winning photographs is within us and It's Not About The Camera. It's about you and me.

What Is On-The-Go Photography?
We wanted photography to become a part of our hiking experience, not to be a separate experience.

DAHLIAS: A Brief History And Shooting Tips
If photographing flowers is a passion for you, as it is for me (and diversity is what you are after), find a grower in your area and see if he will allow you to photograph his Dahlias.

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