The First Ever Full Mekong Descent By Kayak


The First Ever Full Mekong Descent By Kayak
The map, the plan & the challenge.

Michael O'Shea Interview
Read about Michael's thoughts as he progresses through the expedition.

April Progress Dispatch
It is the visions of stunning environments and of regions steeped in ancient culture that will stay with the team longest after our six day four wheel drive ride across China and Tibet to our trek Starting point. In little over 1000 kilometers we past various biomes from regions of temperate pine forest to glacial lakes immense gorges to the rolling grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau.

Through A Mother's Eyes
Read about Michael from a mother's perspective.

The Show Goes On!
We followed the long frozen trail of ice that the locals call the Zacu down a wide valley that was lashed with freezing winds and bouts of snow. The affects of altitude sickness began to seriously take its toll on most of the team and morale was diminishing quickly as freezing winds tortured our bodies.

The Mekong Gorges & June Dispatch
From the earliest days of planning the Mekong First Descent it became apparent that the greatest physical and political obstacles to completing the expedition successfully would lay within the confines of Kham Tibet.

The Mekong First Descent Dispatch Southern Yunnan
A five day detour to the Zongdjian horse racing festival gave our bodies some time to recover and one last glimpse of the rich Tibetan cultural heritage before entering a new cultural realm of Lisu, Bai and Han farmers.

Middle Mekong Dispatch
As I approached the international border checkpoint at Jinghong I was made aware that another bunch of foreigners had just paddled through the previous day. It was a team of New Zealanders who had also been undertaking a first descent of the Mekong valley by mountain bike, foot and kayak.

History Is Made
When I laid my paddle to rest across my lap and took in the perfect sunset a feeling of peace and contentedness enveloped me, it was a sensation beyond words or thoughts and I had no urge to rush it, so, as darkness descended I surrendered myself to the deep sense of harmony that seemed like it could go on indefinitely. I made it!

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