How To Get Ahead In Photography

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Learn How To Listen To Others:
You will not be capable of thinking of all the ideas needed to help make your photography business successful. There are many people you know who will present helpful ideas to you and many of those ideas will help you get you closer to your dream. Learn how to listen to an idea completely and DON'T EVER JUMP IN to finish a person's thought. Let them explain their idea completely before you respond and give an appreciative and positive response to their idea. ALWAYS MAKE A RAPID DECISION WITH AN IDEA GIVEN TO YOU and let that person know about your decision on their idea.
Don't Procrastinate:
Human nature tends to usually procrastinate and put an idea on hold. If you think of an idea, do it today as there is also at least one other person thinking about the same idea. Like the saying goes: "The early bird catches the worm". If you do procrastinate, even for ONE day, you will constantly hear "You should have been here yesterday." And that great opportunity has been missed. Be the early bird.
Throw Out A Lot Of Grass Seed:
Don't let your success depend on one or two great ideas since most of your ideas will not be winners. Ideas are like grass seed. If you only throw out 1,000 grass seeds in your yard and your yard needs 1,000 grass seeds, most of your yard will just be dirt. You must throw out at least 100 grass seeds every day for 50 days to get a green lawn. Don't throw all your great ideas out at once. Stagger them for the best results.
Don't Worry About The Competition:
Don't worry that there are photographers much better than you or that there are photographers who are more visible than you. If they ever stopped to worry about their competition, they would not be here today. Welcome and embrace your competition and the success of others as it means there is an opportunity and a market for you. If someone else is successful, you can also be successful. And remember, every successful individual once started with nothing and other competition.
Be Different:
I have been fortunate to have worn blue jeans, tee-shirts, fleece, sneakers, etc. to work all my life. Why? Because, at that time, when everyone else in business wore ties and jackets, I could be myself. And all the people that worked with me wore the clothes that made them feel like themselves. If you choose to be a little different in business, people will remember you and listen to you. Look what everyone else is doing and don't choose that direction. Think differently and you will be different. And people will listen to what you have to say and look at what you do.
Get The Gift Of Gab Going:
When I decided to market my new product that I developed across the USA, I knew if I developed certain geographical areas within the USA, the groups or users would talk among themselves and the marketing of my product would be greatly enhanced. Are there groups that you know that could enhance spreading the word about your photography? Word of mouth is the best as fastest form of marketing yourself, your services and your products. It is just as easy to market through groups as it is to an individual and the rewards are much greater. With the use of the Internet, there are no boundaries with your photography business.
Talk To Everyone As Everyone Is Important:
If you have an idea, you don't have to talk to the top person to succeed. Sometimes help comes from all different places. If you have idea for a company about your photography, talk to anyone that is employed in the business to learn. Sometimes, you will get very surprised and the largest opportunity comes from a person that you never even considered. Strike up a conversation with everyone you meet. Every person is important, no matter what their role is within a company. I have been surprised numerous times by an unsuspecting individual.
Don't Copy The Competition:
People already know what your competition does. You must study and learn what your competition does to be successful, but DO NOT COPY the competition. Do not copy how their web site is set up, do not copy their terminology used to describe their abilities, etc. It's already been done and no one wants to see or hear the same. Invent new terminology for your photography and create new marketing methods. You are already creative because you are a photographer, so create. Soon, your competition will do the wrong thing by trying to copy you.
Don't Lower Your Standards:
There will come a time when your competition lowers their standards to compete in a situation or you will be asked to modify your standards to accommodate a situation. Do not ever lower your standards even if it means losing some business. Never adjust your price, quality or service and never do something based on a person's promise to bigger and better things later. From past experiences, promises in business rarely materialize to bigger opportunities as people usually just like to get a deal. Set your standards, maintain them and you will be rewarded in the end.
You Will Be Disappointed:
There is only one way that you can become disappointed and that is because you are trying. If you never want to ever become disappointed, then don't try. Having both highs and lows, ups and downs comes with the price of trying to succeed. If you become disappointed, realize that there is a reason for it. You might not understand the reason at that particular time, but later on it will become clearer. You will realize later that if that disappointing opportunity had worked out, a new and more exciting opportunity would not have been available to you. Doors close and other doors open.
Do Something Every Day:
I don't mean taking photographs, making lists, getting organized, etc. I mean "What did I do today that would create a new opportunity for me?" Busy stuff is not considered doing something! If you don't do something to create a new opportunity for yourself, your competition will be creating new opportunities. It is easier to create additional momentum when you have a little momentum.
Think BIG And Be Bold:
Go for the biggest idea that your can think of and don't think that you need to be big yourself to get a big idea implemented. I once called up one of the largest companies in the USA because I thought I had a great idea for their company. I flew out and put on a presentation for 20 people even though at that time I only had a 2 employees. I thought big, I presented a big idea and I had the confidence of being big even though I had a small company. But I didn't present myself as a small company. Don't eliminate any big ideas because you are a single person and are just starting. Big ideas are just as easy to implement as small ideas and the rewards are much greater.
Don't Ever Be Content:
Just because a big idea and opportunity came through for you today, don't sit still and become content as someone else is always ready to take your place. Remember to keep going and not rest on your laurels as everyone is always looking at what is being done today.
You Have To Have A Product:
All of these concepts will help you to succeed, but in the end, you still have to have some talent and a quality product. You need to surround yourself with great photographers to help you along with improving your photography. All the concepts will do you no good, if there is no talent. But, if you didn't think you already had some talent, you wouldn't contemplate building your own photography business. And the rest is up to you. I hope you all succeed.

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