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"I am deeply honored that one of my photos has been selected for the featured photograph. I would like to declare what a great site you have here and compliment you and all associated on the way it is run. It is a splendid idea and quite an accomplishment to bring together an apparently talented group of people with varied interests using different brands of equipment and have them bond together in harmony. Kudos to you and all the members on a job well done!"   Mickey
"Just a note to say,,,what a great job you do with OE. Thank you so much."   Joy
"Hello...I just found your beautiful web site while searching for ecards. I am amazed and grateful to find it. I will be returning often to view and send your gorgeous cards to my friends and family. Meanwhile, I have registered in the Forum to receive your newsletter. I enjoy photography, especially of the outdoors, and was pleasantly surprised at the information you share on the web site. Thank you so much!"   Kathleen
"I am a member of several photography forums (mostly associated with MSN, which is where I found out about your site) and I must say that yours is far and away the most professionally run and the most informative. Thanks for providing such a great place for us shutterbugs to hangout."   Linda
"Boy that is one great site for any one taking nature pictures, just got a new kayak and read the article on photography from a kayak. Lots of good tips."   Herb
"Just a thank you for such an inspiring website, a real breath of fresh air. I found your site this morning while browsing the net for the holy grail of digital photography tips."  James
"Just got my May newsletter from Outdoor Eyes. If you haven't checked out this source of photography tips, maybe you should."   Brooks
"I really enjoy your monthly newsletter and find it interesting, informative and helpful."   Henry
"Great article on How to Choose Hiking Boots. Been searching for all over for an old fashion leather hiking boots (w/stitched soles) as shown in this article."  Aki
"Thanks a million for the first copy of Outdoor Eyes Newsletter. Have been reading it for the past hour. I must point out that I am an Old 'un having retired some 15 years ago but as they say, you are never too old to learn. Looking forward to the next issue."  Dave
"I somehow stumbled upon your site while searching for an e-card to send to a friend. What a LOVELY, interesting, and exciting find for me!!! Congratulations to you and to the contributors of this web site. It's FANTASTIC and I will refer many others to it, and use it often myself!! Thanks!!"  Jude
"Please update my e-mail address. I LOVE getting your newsletters, and would not want to miss any."  Barbara
"Thanks for a fine newsletter...I'm learning a lot!"   Lucy
"Again thank you for the pleasure of reading and gaining knowledge from Outdoor Eyes."   Wendy
"I can not get over your great site here. A person can spend a hour or more enjoying all the pictures. Plus your ecards are so easy to use,and so nice to look at.You have a winner in this site."   Nick
"I love this site. I am just learning about photography (well I have been doing it for years but do not know any of the technical stuff). I love outdoor photography. It is something I have a strong passion for and can feel in my soul. It really touches me to see some of these absolutely beautiful pictures. I don't understand all of these terms yet but I am learning. I am 22 and trying to get a portfolio put together of my best shots. I am going to learn all I can from your site to help. Thanks!!!!"   Kristy
"I enjoyed reading your articles on Outdoor Eyes, The Five Senses, The Art of Seeing, Tasting, Touching And Smelling and Hearing!!! I also loved the pictures of the Red Breasted Mergansers!!!! They are my favorite duck!!!! I have a cannon rebel 2000 camera I take with me to our hunting land. I have been taking pictures of the land and wildlife when I see something that catches my eye. I would love to take some photography lessons, but there doesn't seem to be any offered in this area where I live. Thank you so much for all the details and insight to improving and learning OTG Photo!!!! I will look forward to implementing your advice."   Pam
"I have just finished reading through all your articles and found to be very informative and of great use to me so I am taking this opportunity to give my sincerest thanks. A few months back, after some professional photographers commented very positively on some of my work, I decided that I would like to take my photography from being a mere hobby, to that of a business. Your articles I have no doubt will prove to be priceless as they have expanded my method of thinking when it comes to how to make this a success."   Daren
"I'm a new member here, I have been reading a lot of articles on this site for the past 2 weeks (since I found it). This has got to be the best site as far as I know. I just want to say congratulations... that's all. Take care and carry on."   Sandy

My Outdoor Eyes Photography Blog

Northern Flicker In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

I love the Northern Flickers that hang out in our yard here on Cape Cod. They are a hoot as they try to get food out of the bird feeders or as they take a bath in our birdbath. This Northern Flicker was resting on the side of the tree outside our bedroom window. Beautiful … Continue reading Northern Flicker In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

The Cattails Were Huge Overlooking Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

I love the hike from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach and the little off-shoot trail that overlooks Nauset Marsh. I thought this was such a cool photograph of the tall cattails with Nauset Marsh and Nauset Beach in the background. And then I was editing it with my new camera and couldn’t decide which … Continue reading The Cattails Were Huge Overlooking Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

We Made Our Own AllTrails Hike At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod!

We have had so much fun with the AllTrails app which is so easy to use. We made a loop called Water Views & Forest Loop where you hike along the ponds at Nickerson State Park and then back through the pine forest. It is so beautiful. The map of the hike is at the … Continue reading We Made Our Own AllTrails Hike At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod!

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