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   OUTDOOR EYES NEWSLETTER July 2003 Issue      

Thank you for subscribing to the Outdoor Eyes Newsletter. I realize that not all articles will be of Logo equal importance to you, that some of the information enclosed will already be known and understood. But, if Outdoor Eyes motivates you to explore a new photography technique or an outdoor adventure, then it has fulfilled its purpose. Enjoy this month's issue.  Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • The New Forum
  • Taking Care Of Your Binoculars
  • Creating A Double Exposure Photograph
  • The Art Of Hearing
  • Batch Process With Photoshop Actions
  • The Art Of Touching
  • I'm Tired Of All The Excuses
    Subscriber's Contributions
  • Black & White Photoshop Action
  • ...The Forum Membership Has Doubled

    Membership in the Forum has been recently doubled and there are many interesting articles on digital OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes editing, wildlife & outdoor photography, close-up photography and much more. If you haven't stopped by and registered, please take a tour through the new forum. There are outstanding photographs posted in the photography galleries.  Top
    Join the new Outdoor Eyes Forum.

    ...Taking Care Of Your Binoculars

    It makes absolutely no sense to OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes purchase an expensive pair of binoculars if you don't know how to keep your binoculars safe. The following are some helpful hints and tips to help you maintain your binocular.  Top
    Learn how to take care of binoculars.

    ...How To Create A Double Exposure Photograph

    Most digital cameras do not OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes have multiple exposure capabilities. With the use of Adobe Photoshop, you can create your own multiple exposure photographs. This technique is for a double exposure.  Top
    How To Create Double Exposure.

    ...The Art Of Hearing

    Learning to hear will help you OE 
Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes with your photography. When a sound is heard, there is usually an object related to that sound that can be seen such as a crashing wave on a beach, an airplane flying overhead, a bird singing, a deer running through the woods and even a robin chasing away a crow from a nest.  Top
    Learn the art of hearing.

    From The Editor
    I'm Tired Of All The Excuses

    Well, I've never seen so much rain or snow since the beginning of the year in the Northeast of the USA. OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes I just heard on the news that it has rained or snowed in Washington, DC for one out of every two days since the beginning of the year. And what do I do each day when I wake up in the morning? I turn on the radio or television to listen to today's weather report. What do I hear? Excuses, excuses and more excuses from the weatherman. "I was sure today was going to be sunny, but it is going to rain again." The weatherman was starting to sound like me with my collection of photographs that I've been saving. Everyday I hoped that my dreary, flawed photographs would miraculously turn into beautiful, sharp, sunny photographs. They never do and they never will. I'm also tired of my excuses. I just erased half of them off of my hard drive and eventually there will be sunny days to replace the ones that I just erased. Do you have excuses?  Top

    Subscriber Contributions
    Black & White Action
    by Bill Richardson

    Another great action has been submitted by Bill Richardson. This Adobe Photoshop action will OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes change your color photograph to a black and white photograph like the ones that you always see and admire. Give it a try and download it today! If you haven't downloaded Bill's other actions on creating professional looking frames for your photographs, visit the digital editing section.  Top
    Download black & white action.

    ...The Art Of Touching

    What was the weather like? How OE Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes does the day feel? What time was it? What does the day smell like? Are there flower smells in the air? What does the dirt beneath your feet feel like? Take all your senses and use them to capture your photography moment. The art of touching will help you.  Top
    Learn about the art of touching.

    Batch Process With Photoshop Actions

    Sometimes you need to use the OE 
Digital Photography  Outdoor Eyes same Adobe Photoshop action on multiple images. You could open each image one at a time and use the necessary action on the image or you can use the batch process to make your work faster and more efficient.  Top
    How to use batch process.

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