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  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • Where Is Your Camera's Soul?
  • How To Choose A Camping Tent
  • Mont Blanc The Novice Way
  • Are You Weather Dependant?
  • How To Organize Slides
  • When You've Been Told A Great Story?
  • The 4th OE Photography Contest
  • ...The Forum
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    Images  Outdoor Eyes If you haven't posted on the forum yet, you can win a free Gallery for a year to either display your photographs or sell them online. Two members who post their first photograph post in one of the 10 photography topics by Friday, March 11th will receive a gallery membership for a year. When you post your first photograph, please mention in the message area that this is your first post. All 3 winners will be randomly selected.
    Many forum members have decided to participate in the 5 different assignment and workshop classes... and they are really enjoying the free learning experience. The classes and workshops are: Black & White Photography Workshop, Photo Digital Editing Assignments, Creative Digital Editing Assignments, Photography Assignments & Your Best Shot Assignments.
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    ...The Gallery

    THE GALLERY Many new and exciting features have been recently added to The Gallery. Visit The Gallery to view some talented photographers.  Top
    Learn how to market & sell your photographs online.

    ...Where Is Your Camera's Soul?
    by Andrea Clark

    Take a moment to think about the practicalities of your photography. From the novice digicam owner to Images  Outdoor Eyes those who have graduated from the film darkroom to digital editing, we all perform the same repeated actions. A two-way communication begins from the moment we pick up a camera. The first glance through the viewfinder frames the intended scene or object and that which we observe through the lens becomes an extension of our own vision; the camera merely provides the mechanism for freezing particular moments in time and providing us with images.  Top
    Where Is Your Camera's Soul?

    ...How To Choose A Camping Tent
    by Philip Tulin

    Take a moment to think about the practicalities of your photography. From the novice digicam owner to Images  Outdoor Eyes The quality of your experience outdoors is greatly dependent on your choice of the right tent. That is why there is such a large selection to choose from... and I, might add, a tough decision. There are 4 basic components to a tent: the poles, the body of the tent, the rain fly and a tarp (ground cloth or footprint to extend the life of a tent's floor - optional).  Top
    How To Choose A Camping Tent.

    ...Mont Blanc The Novice Way
    by Michael J. Kelly

    We are at the Gouter Hut (3,800 meters above sea level) en route to the highest point of Western Europe, Images  Outdoor Eyes Mont Blanc (4,810m). The previous day myself, Dave, my 30 year old business partner and marathon runner and I had been marched Napoleon style halfway up the mountain. We were now suffering quite badly from altitude sickness, hence the severe headaches and nausea and decision point.  Top
    Mont Blanc The Novice Way.

    From The Editor
    Are You Weather Dependant?

    Too many times when I was growing up, I used to hear people all around me say "Look's like it's going to be a terrible weekend." Snow or rain or no sun or cold or.... on and on they went. They had their Images  Outdoor Eyes excuse for not enjoying the weekend. Since I heard it from older and wiser people, I believed in that theory. No perfect weather and the weekend experience was a total washout. As I grew older and started to enjoy the outdoors, I realized that all those people I listened to were entirely wrong. It did not have to be perfect weather to be a great weekend. I just learned to adapt to the weather conditions and choose an outdoor activity that fit into the conditions. If you learn to adapt and go with the flow, you will enjoy all types of weather conditions. As you know, each day should be enjoyed to the fullest. Don't waste a single moment.  Top

    How To Organize Slides
    by Terry Long

    Have you ever lost anything or, to be more politically correct, temporarily misplaced something? Or even Images  Outdoor Eyes worse, have you ever loaned money to someone and you forgot to who or how much? I have. In fact, I was told I lost my mind once or twice. And as far as money goes, if I got ten cents back for every nickel I loaned out and didn't get back because I forgot to who I loaned it to, I'd be rich! It's frustrating, isn't it? One thing I won't lose or misplace though are my slides.  Top
    How To Organize Slides.

    How To Know When You've Been Told A Great Story?
    By Alan Mettert

    Have you ever come away from hearing a truly great story wanting to tell that story to all of your Images  Outdoor Eyes Have you ever come away from hearing a truly great story wanting to tell that story to all of your friends? Have you ever found that no matter how many times you tell that story, you never quite seem to get the response out of it as when you first heard it? I am here to tell you that every person who has ever stepped foot into the woods or into a boat has a story like this.  Top
    Knowing A Great Story.

    The 4th Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest Starts Today

    The 4th Outdoor Eyes photography contest begins today on March 4th and will last for 2 weeks. Images  Outdoor Eyes There are 3 categories: Wildlife, Macro and Outdoor. The winning photographers will receive a free year's membership to The Gallery. The winners are decided by visitors voting for their favorite photographs.  Top
    Learn about OE contest.

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