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Philip "PT" Tulin

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In This Issue

  • The Forum
  • The Gallery
  • How To Choose Binoculars
  • Why Nature Photography?
  • Do You Have What It Takes?
  • How To Take Care Of A Roof Rack
  • Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
  • The 4th OE Photography Contest
  • ...The Forum

    Images  Outdoor Eyes There are now 5 different assignment and workshop classes to help you improve your photography. There is no cost associated with the classes. Log into the forum and click on the usergroup icon located on the top of the Forum Index page to join all or one of the classes. You won't be disappointed and you will learn. I am looking forward to your participation.

    • Black & White Photography Workshop: Join the Outdoor Eyes workshop group to explore the world of black and white photography.
    • Photo Digital Editing Assignments: Join the Outdoor Eyes assignments group for photo digital editing (learn how to improve your photo images).
    • Creative Digital Editing Assignments: Join the Outdoor Eyes assignments group for creative digital editing (business cards, greeting cards, flyers, posters etc.).
    • Photography Assignments: Join the Outdoor Eyes assignments group to photograph unique and exciting themes.
    • Your Best Shot Assignments: Join the Outdoor Eyes assignments group to challenge yourself to learn what a single shot really means.  Top
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    ...The Gallery

    THE GALLERY Many new and exciting features have been recently added to The Gallery. Visit The Gallery to view some talented photographers.  Top
    Learn how to market & sell your photographs online.

    ...How To Choose Binoculars
    by Philip Tulin

    When the time came to choose binoculars, I decided that I would choose the best binoculars that I could Images  Outdoor Eyes afford based on the use of the binoculars. I didn't want the binoculars to be so heavy that I didn't want to hike with them. I wanted to have a wide FOV (field of view) and I wanted the binoculars to be powerful enough. I wanted to be able to focus fast and at the same time be able to see close up.  Top
    How to choose binoculars.

    ...Why Nature Photography?
    by Michael T. Impellizzeri

    Nature photography has taught me to measure a day by heartbeats instead of a clock. No second hand will Images  Outdoor Eyes tell me when and what I have seen. I can glance at water rushing down a stream, feel the wind rustling through trees, hear the roaring of thousands of honking geese flying overhead, or watch the splashing waves on a sandy shore, not realizing time is passing by.  Top
    Why nature photography?

    From The Editor
    Do You Have What It Takes?

    Photography is unlike some sports. You don't have to be in the best physical shape, you don't have to be Images  Outdoor Eyes 6 feet tall, you don't have to be 250 pounds and you don't have to learn how to kick, throw or hit a ball. Everyone can pick up a camera and click the button. In a second, whether film or digital is being used, a moment in time is captured. So, why are some photographers better than others? What makes them excel at the sport of photography? Do they draw a camera out of their camera bag faster than the next photographer to shoot a photograph? Do they have better equipment? Whatever you believe and whatever reason you come up with... the bottom line is they keep practicing, practicing and practicing... and educating, educating and educating themselves to learn what it takes to make a GREAT photograph. Place 10 photographers in one location, tell them they can't move more than 50 feet, and at least one photographer will come up with a brilliant photograph. Would it be you? Are you doing whatever it takes to learn? Are you practicing photography or just clicking away and hoping for the best? If you aren't doing all you can do to learn, then you will never have what it takes.  Top

    How To Take Care Of A Car Roof Rack
    by Philip Tulin

    Anything that stays outside for an extended period of time needs periodic maintenance and Images  Outdoor Eyes the roof rack is no exception. Installing a roof rack on the car and never even maintaining the rack can lead to a very expensive lesson... like losing or damaging the outdoor adventure gear that is being carried.  Top
    Learn how to take care.

    Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
    By Jerry Segraves

    Hundreds of varieties of birds call this place home if only for a brief period while migrating through. Spring and fall bring huge concentrations Images  Outdoor Eyes of migratory birds including hundreds of thousands of waterfowl and Sand Hill Cranes. Most of the native Whooping Cranes from Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada also stop by in staggered flights and may spend a few days if the prevailing winds are not favorable. Eagles, both Bald and a few Golden spend a good amount of time here in the winter, hunting injured waterfowl as well as keeping a close eye on the prairie dog population.  Top
    Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

    The 4th Outdoor Eyes Photography Contest

    The 4th Outdoor Eyes photography contest has been moved to begin on March 4th Images  Outdoor Eyes and last for 2 weeks instead of the previously announced Feb. 4th (due to the overwhelming response of the 5 workshop and assignment groups). The 3 winning photographers will receive a free year's membership to The Gallery. There are three categories to enter in - Wildlife, Macro and Outdoor.  Top
    Learn about the contest.

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