Photography Via A Bicycle

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Photography Via A Bicycle

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By Steve Upperman

Bicycles are a great way to get around quietly and quickly in an urban area. It is very easy for me to go to a place, get off my bicycle, and take photos. I don't have to worry about parking a car.

Taking photos from a bicycle has opened up new areas for me. I get around the hike and bike trails, the short cut routes not open to cars, bridge sidewalks, and parking deck roofs.

I keep a point and shoot camera in a handlebar bag or the back pocket of my bicycle jersey for easy access. I am ready when an opportunity presents itself or when I am out to take specific pictures.

After a little practice, I can get my camera out, take a shot and put it away while stopped at a light.

On a road with no traffic, I can use my camera with one hand while I keep the other one on the handlebar. I take the picture without looking through the viewfinder, just point and shoot.

Bicycles are a great way to meet people on the street and take their picture. Sometimes I ask people to take a picture of me on my bicycle. Usually, whoever I talk with will tell me about something cool to photograph nearby.

Sometimes I carry a bigger camera, an SLR, in my Camelback. While it is not as spontaneous as a point and shoot, I can still take advantage of traveling by bicycle.

Best of all, the bicycle shops I stop in like to hang up my photos of people having fun with bicycles.
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