The Long History Of The Outdoor Eyes Forum

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The Long History Of The Outdoor Eyes Forum

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The new OE Forum was placed back online after being offline for about 20 years. The old OE Forum was one of the popular forums on the Internet with 4,500+ members and over 500,000+ posts. Unfortunately, there were hackers at that time, too. And hackers took down the forum twice. And after the second time, the forum was gone forever.

I hope you will take the time to become a member, even if there are only a few members and a few posts at this time. Everything takes a while to grow again and the information on the forum will be informative and interesting to you.

And... Don't forget to take a look at the new Find A Partner section. Read about how to use that forum in the Find A Partner Help section.

And I hope to hear from all of you who happen to stop by.

"No limits... No Boundaries. Seeing Through Outdoor Eyes."
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