My Unique Signature Collection Photography Line

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My Unique Signature Collection Photography Line

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When you decide to go into the photography business, the first thing you must think about is "What will make my photography business stand out and get noticed? What will differentiate my photography business from all the rest of the other photography businesses?"

If you can get that advantage with your business, it will help your photography business to succeed. It doesn't guarantee success, but it will give you an advantage in this competitive business. There are so many great photographers out there, but not all great photographers are great business people. I would rather be a great business person and a decent photographer than a great photographer and a not a great business person. But, if you have no business aspirations, then you wouldn't be reading this post and you should concentrate on being the best photographer possible. :D But, ideally, I would prefer being a great photographer and a great business person. :thumbup: Here are a few things that I've learned being a business person.

So, what separates photo note cards and photographs from one photographer from another? There are so many great photo note cards and photographs out there today. It's the perception of the product (hype, marketing, awareness, etc.) and why is this product so superior from other products. It's the photographys that everyone is talking about. It's what's perceived as a great product to purchase for your own use or for a gift to someone else.

So, I had to think of something different that hasn't been done before. That took a lot of time to think of the idea, figure out how it was going to be made, how to package it, how to ship it, what to name it and how to market a product that no one knew how to use. :?: :?:

Here's the idea that eventually became a product.

The Signature Photo Note Card Set has a high quality printed 4"x6" photograph mounted inside a natural color border framed 5"x7" blank note card. The Photo Note Card Set includes a matching envelope. The photo note card is enclosed in an archival and crystal clear sealed envelope.

A Signature Note Card Set consists of a high quality handmade Photo Note Card with a handmade matching pendant (you can select either a Pendant, Key Ring, Ornament or a Wine Glass Charm). All pendants are 1"x1" silver squares and have a crystal clear, dome cover to enhance, magnify, and protect the image. Each pendant is enclosed in a crystal clear bag and is mounted inside the Photo Note Card when using as a gift combination of a card and gift. The Pendant Necklace includes a 24" silver link chain with clasp which can be shortened.

I have over 250+ Signature Note Cards in the collection.

The reason that the line of cards is named "Signature Cards" is that the buyer can have me sign the card or have the card blank. With that feature, it elevates the perception of the note card and the name also elevates the product. I also wrap the card in a nice tissue and it is packaged in a special cardboard box.

I also make custom logo Signature Cards on a limited basis (minimum of 24 signature cards).

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