A Lot Of Angry Visitors Turned Away From Entering RMNP.

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A Lot Of Angry Visitors Turned Away From Entering RMNP.

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The scene at the Rocky Mountain National Park when trying to drive in at the Beaver Meadows Entrance Station over Memorial Day weekend was less than tranquil.

On Friday, the day Rocky Mountain National Park’s timed-entry reservation system went into effect for the second season, park employees were forced to turn away people who didn’t have the required reservation. Some disappointed visitors had waited an hour in line in a bumper-to-bumper backup.

After waiting more than an hour trying to drive into Rocky Mountain National Park, the visitors were told that they needed reservations in advance to enter. Some visitors thought that their park passes allowed them to enter. A lot of very angry visitors. Say goodbye to the advantage in your park pass and make reservations in advance.

No more last minute ideas of “Let’s go into RMNP for a couple of hours.”

We were spoiled in the olden days. Drive down the road, drive into RMNP and enjoy the day. Not ever again as those days are over.
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