I Met Jake Burton When He Just Started

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I Met Jake Burton When He Just Started

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In 1977, I was walking through Londonderry Vermont. It was a misty, cold, damp, overcast day and it wasn't a good day for skiing. We had been skiing Magic Mountain for many years and sometimes you just took a day off when the conditions weren't exactly appealing. I came across this very small shop and I was curious to see what was inside. I opened the door and inside was Jake Burton.

Jake had a few barrels of water, some rubber, some wood and also I saw some blanks that looked like surfboards. Since I had surfed for many years, I asked him what he was making making. He said he was making a "Snowboard" and this is going to change the whole skiing industry. I said "How?" He said it was going to be like surfing on the snow. Since I loved to surf and I loved to ski, I said "I'll take one."

And... the rest is history.

I called Jake up when I was going to move to Colorado and I asked him if he would like the snowboard as it was one of his first snowboards. He said "Yes". But unfortunately I didn't get a chance to deliver the snowboard to him before I moved to Colorado. When I moved back to the East Coast, I had planned to give him another phone call. But tragically, he past away a few years ago.
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