How To Choose A Camping Tent

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How To Choose A Camping Tent

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In purchasing equipment for the outdoors, I always use the same thought process. How often am I going to upgrade my equipment based on the new radical improvements that Tent the manufacturer will come out with? How long before my existing equipment will become obsolete and I will have to replace it? How long will it be before I have a disadvantage with my existing equipment? When the time came to choose a tent, I decided that I would choose the best tent that I could afford based on the use of the tent.

The quality of your experience outdoors is greatly dependent on your choice of the right tent. That is why there is such a large selection to choose from... and I, might add, a tough decision. There are 4 basic components to a tent: the poles, the body of the tent, the rain fly and a tarp (ground cloth or footprint to extend the life of a tent's floor - optional).

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