Little Did I Know That My Hobby Would Lead To Photography Success

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Little Did I Know That My Hobby Would Lead To Photography Success

Post by Mel »

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I wasn't really interested in photography at all. My husband was the photographer and all the time we spent outdoors hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, surfing, etc., he photographed. Then one day, my husband came home with another camera. It was the same as he was using. He said "Now you are going to enjoy photographing, too."

I started off really slow (just for fun) taking a lot of photographs. Then I said that I wanted to write a blog as I always wanted to be a journalist. I started writing a blog and it became extremely popular. I was hooked.

Then, for fun, I purchased about 2 dozen photo card holder to make note cards with my photographs. I was only planning on sending my photo note cards to my friends for their birthdays, get well, congratulations, etc. But everyone started liking them.

Could I start a business with my photo note cards? I started with Etsy and made a store online. They started to sell and I was always driving to the photography store to print my 6+ photographs that I needed for a new order. During that time, I had to figure out clear envelopes for packaging, shipping packaging, etc. Everything took a lot of time to figure out.

As business increased, I had to start thinking about extra merchandise on hand as I didn't want to run out of merchandise as everything was made to order.

It was getting more complicated than I imagined. I then started thinking of selling to retail and I went around to many of the business owners in town that I knew already. They all liked my photo note cards.

The business started growing and my husband had to write custom software for customer order forms, invoicing, purchasing ordering, sales analysis, etc.

I had to keep much larger inventory, too. I had outgrown the area that I stored all of my inventory. Then, after everything was going great, we decided to move. And, I had to start all over again as the photography that I had taken out west, did not appeal to the retail customers here. And I had to start a whole new Blog again (closed the other one) as I couldn't write about my experiences out west anymore.

Well, to make a long story shorter, I started photographing local scenes, visited new retail shops, made presentations to a national supermarket chain and the rest is history. My racks and my photo note cards are seen everywhere (and now Etsy is only a small part of my business). I also added a full line of jewelry using my photography. If my husband hadn't brought home my original camera, none of this would have ever been possible.

And it's so rewarding to know that my photo note cards are being seen all over the USA and people are enjoying sending them out (or just framing them).

You can see my photo note card collection at:
Outdoor Eyes Cards

And you can read my Blog at:
My Cape Cod Blog
Just taking a walk with my camera in hand makes my day. It's the little things in life that matter.
My Blog: Cape Cod Blog
My Shop: Outdoor Eyes Cards
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Re: Little Did I Know That My Hobby Would Lead To Photography Success

Post by Brian21 »

It just shows you that photography that appeals to a broad audience does sell. You just have to know who you're trying to sell to. And hard work pays off. Your story has put a few ideas in my head now as I now know that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. Thanks.
Hopefully our environment can be saved for years to come with everyone's effort.
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Re: Little Did I Know That My Hobby Would Lead To Photography Success

Post by JonC »

Congratulations on your success. Motivates me to try harder with my photography. It's good to know that some people do become successful as being successful in photography has different meanings for everyone and sometimes it's a lot of the times it's not financial, either.
Nothing is every perfect with photography.
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