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Circled By 2 Coyotes While Hiking

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 3:41 pm
by Mel
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it was a gorgeous day hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park as I was on one of my favorite private trail that very few people know about during the crowded summer season. It overlooks Long's Peak and there are many birds, wildflowers and wildlife around to photograph... and no people. Unfortunately, this was not one of those days that I would have preferred not seeing any wildlife. I was with my husband and we were just slowly taking the hike and photographing the wildflowers that had just bloomed.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we were surrounded by 2 Coyotes on either side. They both started surrounding us and then they both sat down and just looked at us. We obviously were not prepared for this type of an encounter, so we just stopped, picked up our cameras slowly (just by our sides and not up to our eyes) and took some photographs, hoping that they were going to be in focus and include the Coyotes. We then decided to slowly start walking away, not taking our eyes off the 2 Coyotes. We didn't have a plan as we never studied up on how to avoid being surrounded by 2 Coyotes and what to do? We kept on walking very slowly away and then we started walking a bit faster. The Coyotes just stayed there, looking at us and we were very fortunate to be safe as the story could have ended differently.