Get the E-mail Marketing Results You Deserve With Stellar Copy
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You know the importance of communicating with your customers on a regular basis, yet you are not getting the response you want through your e-mail marketing campaign.
Consumers are opting out or adding you to their spam list. Why? Because your copy is not demanding the attention your campaign deserves. Since the 2003 adoption of the CAN-SPAM act, it is more critical than ever to compose your marketing e-mails in a personal, one-on-one style. Since most all of your customers have access to e-mail, e-mail marketing, when done correctly, can be one of the most effective and least expensive forms of marketing.
E-mail marketing is one of the most personal and lucrative advertising mediums available. However, it is crucial that you message is written in a clear and consistent manner.
Given this, let’s take a closer look at the fundamental rules in creating exceptional copy.
One of the most important rules to follow in writing e-mail copy is to treat your consumer with respect. You can achieve this by customizing your message to create a personal tone. Speak to your audience in a familiar voice as you would speak to your family and friends. If your e-mail is too formal, you will immediately turn off your reader.
It is a good idea to send out a new e-mail every two to four weeks. You don’t want to annoy your consumers with too much e-mail yet, it is important that you continue to strengthen your consumer relationship through continuous communication. Treat your emails as a set of stories that continue to unfold your message in regular installments.
A well-crafted e-mail starts with solid structure and then continues to tell your story. According to Jeanniey Mullen, director of e-mail marketing at OgilvyOne Worldwide, “the first three e-mails you send are the most critical.” It is during this time period that your consumer decides whether or not they want to do business with you. Your first e-mail should be an introductory of your business to welcome your consumers and set up your relationship.
Your next e-mail should provide value to your consumers and give them a compelling reason to choose your business over your competitors’. The third e-mail should begin to deliver on your value. You can provide value by offering special discounts or coupons or by sending out top quality catalogues or newsletters.
In writing your copy it is critical that your message is relevant. Plan ahead and determine the end goal. Do you want your consumers to click to a specific page on your website? Do you want them to download a coupon? Either way, define the course of action your want your consumers to take and structure your copy to reach your goal. Lofty emails, with no purpose in mind can be dangerous to your reputation.
These are just some of the basic fundamentals to consider when writing your e-mail marketing copy. Remember to customize your message and write towards a specific call to action and you will start to get the results your campaign deserves.

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